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CLICK HERE to watch Sundays, 11/11/2018 sermon. With the most devastating wild fire in California's history many are left with nothing and asking "Where is God in all of this"... We hope this message gives you hope to rebuild and know that God is right there with you!
CLICK HERE to watch "Victorious Life" from Lead Pastor Michael Jacobsen. In this message Pastor Jacobsen speaks to us about Samson. Even through we may done wrong and think God is done with us... It is never to late for us to repent and God to use you. Great message, we encourage you to share this message with others and join us live each Sunday morning on our Facebook for a live sermon. Sermon date November 4, 2018
CLICK HERE to watch this message from PBFClive. In this message from Lead Pastor Michael Jacobsen "From Pain to Victory" Pastor speaks to us about the prayer of Jabez and how we can apply prayer to our everyday life. We hope you enjoy this message.