“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord”


Mike Jacobsen was born in Los Angeles in 1958 to Leroy and Carol Jacobsen. Mike has two brothers, Terry and Jerry who with their wives serve the Lord Jesus Christ. His parents separated while Mike was very young. In 1969 Carol moved the three boys to Oroville, CA and at the age of 11 Mike accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior. Mike and his great grandmother Mabel Maddeford spent many of times together reading, studying and talking about the Word of God. She is a very large part of who he is today. Both of Mike's parents came to accept Jesus Christ before they passed away and are in Heaven today rejoicing with Jesus Christ.

Pat Jacobsen was born to Ralph and Annie Mae Thompson June 11, 1951 in Oroville, CA. Pat was raised in church and very involved in ministry. Pat was involved with the youth and traveled California ministering in song and music. Pat has three brothers; Larry, Roy and Mark. Ralph now in his late 80's continues to live in Oroville and serves as Deacon at New Life Church. Sadly, Annie Mae passed away November 7, 1976. One day there will be a great reunion in Heaven.


Mike and Pat were married on January 28 1978. Together they have two sons; Chris born December 27 1979 and Daniel born May 10 1984. Chris and Daniel both serve under their father's ministry today. Chris with his wife Crystal and their two children Tyler and Kaylee serve as the Youth and Kids Pastors. Both Chris and Crystal are an essential part of the praise and worship at PBFC. Daniel serves as PBFC's Praise and Worship director, website designer and is very involved with PBFC's social networking. Courtney is an essential part of the women's ministry.

"Pastorate Positions"

Mike and Pat went full time in the ministry with the Pentecostal church of God in 1992. They took their first pastorate position in Madison, CA. Mike served as the pastor for 2 years before resigning and moving back to Oroville, CA. Mike and Pat stepped right into the pastorate position at New Life Church in Oroville, CA. The church was very small but within 5 years God grew the congregation to nearly 200 people

"Pentecostal Church of God"

Mike was elected as the Secretary and treasurer for the Pentecostal Church of God Northern California District. During this time He also served on the General Board. He was soon elected to serve as the Superintendent or Bishop for the district. During this time Pat served as the Director of Women's Ministries. They served the district for nearly ten years before moving back to Oroville, CA. Mike continues to serve as the District Presbyter and Kingsmen Director for Northern California.

"PBFC, the return home"

Soon after stepping down from District work, PBFC was looking for a new Lead Pastor. When Mike found out he put his name in for consideration. Mike was elected as the Lead Pastor of PBFC in April or 2008. With direction from the Spirit of God Mike and Pat have seen a tremendous amount of growth both numerically and spiritually at PBFC and believe the best has yet to come.

"Building Together In Love"

Pastor Mike is committed to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and living out God's mandate for us; Love God and Love People!

"Strong Families Build Strong Churches"